Network / System Design and
       Software Development

  • Develop Apple iPhone Applications.

  • Design local area networks and wide area networks

  • Write custom interfaces to enable different type systems to communicate.
    Windows, Linux, Unix, MacOS

  • Develop Applications for Windows, Linux, Unix, iPhone
    C, Java, Visual C#, Visual Basic

  • Develop Web Applications for Windows and Linux
    PHP, ASP.Net, Java, JavaScript, HTML
    Applications include Shopping Cart, Credit Card, Sales Tax, Inventory inquiries and update.

  • Develop custom database programs, macros, and Stored Procedures
    MS-SQL, MySQL, MS-Access

  • Configure Cisco and Sonicwall firewalls and routers.
    Configure software and hardware based VPN for remote connectivity to branches and home offices.

  • Recommend and implement backup procedures.

  • Owner Registered in Texas as a Professional Engineer.

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